Justin Allison


Justin’s Bio

I grew up in Kansas City playing all kinds of sports, but mainly focused on football, martial arts, and tennis in high school. I went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M and currently work as a drilling engineer in the oil & gas industry.

I love doing so-called “extreme” things like bungee jumping and skydiving, scuba diving and flying; but really I just enjoy learning in general, and experiencing all of what life has to offer. Everything from taking voice lessons to real estate investing, from getting a professional engineering license to competing on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

So in October 2010, I continued this tradition by deciding I needed to try out this “new workout program” I’d heard about called CrossFit. I had become sick and tired of doing the same old workouts at Gold’s, over and over again ad nauseum. I was hooked after the first class, being drawn to the challenge, intensity, and efficacy of the program. As I’ve progressed, I’ve come to appreciate the depth of knowledge one needs to cultivate in order to truly excel in this sport as an athlete and a coach; and the nuanced skills and finesse required satisfy the craving for learning and virtuosity I’ve always had. For these reasons I am always the CrossFit advocate, and believe this system of general physical preparedness is the answer for everyone: for my parents on one end of the fitness spectrum, elite warfighters on the other, and the rest of us in between. I love seeing minds (and bodies) changed by the kind of high intensity functional movement that CrossFit prescribes, and my strongest asset as a coach is seeing and correcting movement.