Jon Mcartor

Project Description

Growing up I was fortunate and had the opportunity to play a lot of different sports. By the time I got to high school, I had shortened the list to football and track. After graduating from Edison high school I spent my freshman year at Baker University in Kansas, where I played safety and ran the 200/400m. My first exposure to Crossfit was that summer before my freshman year; my roommate and I had just got back to our dorms after practice one evening and turned on ESPN. The games were on, I stood in front of the TV and said “what the hell is this?” At first glance I thought it was silly, but the more I watched the more interested I became. I then told my roommate that after I was done playing football I would go to the Crossfit Games, since after all, it looked easy enough.

After that season I had decided I no longer wanted to play football in college and transferred to the University of Tulsa where I graduated in December 2015. When I came back to Tulsa I considered walking on to the track team but realized having a job through college was a necessity and I could not do both. My first semester at TU was odd because it was the first time in my life that I had not been involved in any organized sport, and quickly found that the monotony of the globo-gym routine would not cut it for me. I thought back to watching the games in my dorm that day and knew I had to try it out.

I walked into my first day at Next Generation Crossfit with my chest out and nose in the air. My ego took its first blow when I put an empty barbell over my head and tried to squat without success. Second blow was when I saw Justin Allison racking up HSPU on the paralletes, so I tried and couldn’t budge. Finally, I was thoroughly humbled after my first workout when I saw multiple 30 year old ladies (Christy Biby, Jordan Philbeck, etc.) running circles around me. Crossfit had officially piqued my interest.

Like many of the others in the Next-Gen family, I came to T-Town after I heard a group of Games veterans were opening a gym downtown. Since then I have been lucky to be apart of such a great community, and had the opportunity to compete on some big stages with some big athletes. Over the last few years T-Town has played a major role in my growth as a person and as an athlete. I’m very excited for this next chapter with each of you and I hope together we can all contribute to making T-Town better every day!

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