T-Town June Athlete of the Month/ Dave Murray

1. How long have you been CrossFitting?
I’ve been CrossFitting on and off (mostly on) since 2010. I was big in to running and I heard about CrossFit through some friends in the military.

2. How did you hear about CrossFit T-Town?
I transferred to Tulsa for school in August and started looking online for a box to join. I looked through the WOD histories of several boxes and found T-Town to be the most interesting/challenging. I came for one class and haven’t left since.

3. Have you noticed any changes – physical or mental – since starting CrossFit? If so, what are they?
CrossFit has been very beneficial for me. My weight loss journey began at just under 300 pounds. Running helped me lose weight initially but I was quite weak and ended up putting weight back on. The combined strength and cardiovascular aspects of CrossFit in addition to a healthy diet have helped me get down to under 220 pounds while still hitting PRs. Also as a medical student I have seen CrossFit provide some major cognitive benefits. I can always think much more clearly when I’ve worked out.

4. What is your favorite CrossFit exercise?
Rowing and deadlifts

5. What is your least favorite CrossFit exercise?
Gymnastics movements and burpees

6. What goals do you have for yourself as a CrossFitter?
I want to keep getting faster and stronger while simultaneously leading a balanced life in which I can find happiness every day.

7. What are some ways that you think sets CrossFit apart from other forms of fitness?
The highly varied and efficient aspects of CrossFit have always been what keep me coming back. Being able to try new things and push myself to the limit in a group atmosphere has given me so much satisfaction and results. It’s also nice not having to be in the gym for 2+ hours every day trying to motivate myself.

8. How can other people relate to your story?
I think that many people have the misconception that CrossFit isn’t sustainable in the long term. I have been doing this for quite some time now and have managed to do so without getting severely injured or burned out. It’s all about knowing your own personal goals and keeping in mind that no matter how good or bad you do in a certain workout, it’s all for the benefit of your health and the longevity of your life.

9. What is something that no one knows about you?
Some people know this but I have to live up to the stereotype and tell everyone. I’ve been vegan (whole food, plant based diet) since January of 2016. I made some major decisions in my life at that time regarding some other unhealthy habits and decided to give veganism a shot. I can honestly say that I am faster, stronger, and have more mental clarity than ever before. I understand that these feelings are the combination of many things (regular exercise, good sleep habits, eating minimally processed foods), but I’m glad that I made the decision (and didn’t shrivel up and die from lack of protein haha).

10. What is your most memorable moment in CrossFit?
My most memorable moments have always come while doing competitions. Being in such a lively atmosphere surrounded by friends and those of like-mind is the recipe for great memories. I remember doing a floater workout at a competition that involved rowing max calories in one minute and I pulled 42. Having my team scream at me while I gave it everything I could was so incredible.

Going through such a grueling educational experience has presented me with challenges I never thought I would face and stress that I never thought I could handle. CrossFit has provided me with an outlet to relieve stress, get in better shape, and meet some of the most incredible human beings that this planet has to offer. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the experiences I’ve had and the community I’ve found at T-Town. Looking forward to more progress in the future.

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  1. You are awesome Dave! I’ve loved getting to know you better and workout beside you…the discipline you’ve had in your life is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your CF and life testimonies and thank you for always pushing me 🙂 Congrats!!

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